Be Enlightened Luxury Candles

The stunning Luxury Candle is a solid 1.6kg and features up to 6 wicks. You will completely transform the look of your room at night when you light the ‘Be Enlightened’ luxury triple scented candle. They make a fabulous home or office statement.

These Luxury candles are amazing as a table centrepiece and will rapidly fill up your room with a delightful fragrance. The Be Enlightened Luxury candle has 4-6 wicks that allow it to burn for up to 200 hours or longer. Be Enlightened Luxury candles are hand poured and made in Australia, with a high quality non-toxic soy wax blend and lead free cotton wicks. It has a diameter of 17cm and a height of 13cm. &

Immerse yourself in a special scent, Choose from 28 scents for your Luxury Candle. For your Be Enlightened Luxury Candle you can choose from the relaxing Aqua Marine to a warming cinnamon & nutmeg or the ever popular vanilla, or your favourite kinds of fruits like White Grapefruit. We are here for all your Be Enlightened Luxury Candle needs….

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